Profitable rental or purchase of the real estate in Mexico

From an independent real estate broker with five years of experience (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and the entire coast of Riviera Maya, Merida)
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This information is for you if you are:
  • A tourist who wants to rent a house during his holidays in Mexico*

    *Cancun only, the start of apartment rental prices from 1000 USD per month
  • A resident who has decided to settle in Mexico and plans to buy or rent* housing for a long time 

    *rent only in Cancun, purchase - all along the coast from Cancun to Tulum
  • An investor who wants to invest in real estate in Mexico to obtain income, residence permit, permanent residence, and/or transfer his property to management

What is the difference between the services of an independent broker and the services of a real estate agent?


    • Works without connection with any business or real estate website

    Financially not interested in any of the objects. He is independent in his assessments and is not limited to the real estate market in his work

    • Turnkey services

    After completing the transaction, the broker will help with the purchase of furniture, appliances, concluding contracts with utility companies, conducting the Internet, and solving other household issues


    • Interested in a favorable price for you

    Arrange with the owner for the best price and request a discount where possible


    • Usually works in conjunction with real estate agency

    Limited to the options of the company he works with. Some agents represent the interests of strictly defined residential complexes

    • Works only within the framework of the transaction

    The further arrangement at a new place of residence isn't included in the list of services

    • There is no flexible approach to the price of real estate

    Voices the price that is agreed with the company whose interests he represents

What you will get after contacting an independent broker:

  • A list of real estate objects available on the market and suitable for your criteria
  • Discussion of the best price with the owner
  • Competent support of the transaction both for rent and purchase of the real estate, the execution of all documents. You also get a consultation on tax payment, if a transaction involves it
  • Services of a translator from Spanish and an intermediary in solving all household issues within one month after settling into a new home
  • Assistance in furnishing an apartment or house and connecting all utilities in case of purchase. So that you can move into a livable housing


The broker's services do not involve transportation to real estate objects, and the broker does not pick you up from your temporary place of residence and does not bring you back after viewing.
Such service ("personal driver for the selection of real estate") is paid separately. For any questions, write to WhatsApp:

+52 (998) 459-14-38

Sergei Kostenko
Independent broker
  • He has been living in Cancun for more than five years. All this time dealing with real estate transactions

  • He has been working as an independent broker for two years

  • He sold 21 real estate objects(houses, apartments, villas, land plots) and concluded more than 200 housing rental transactions. He worked both in the "economy" segment and premium class real estate

  • In 2017, being in the status of a resident of Mexico, he bought a house in Cancun. And in 2020, he successfully sold it. He knows the processes of buying/selling real estate from his personal experience

  • Currently, he is a Mexican citizen and the owner of a birth support business in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Father of three children
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Examples of real estate in Mexico

Apartments in a new cozy house in the central part of Cancun

Fast and convenient access to any point in Cancun. Close to shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, banks, and all kinds of services and entertainment.

5 minutes to the Cancun Hotel Zona
5 minutes to Puerto Cancun
5 minutes to Puerto Juarez, from where ferries depart to Isla Mujeres
5 minutes to the beach

Apartments in condo hotels on the territory of a modern residential complex in Tulum

Big residential complex with an area of 2500 sq.m., the territory of which has stylish, modern equipment, but at the same time, there is everything for a quiet and peaceful life, relaxation in close contact with nature, and the energy of the earth.

5 minutes to the Tulum Hotel Zone
900 meters to the beach

Apartments in a luxury residential complex on the seashore

New residential complex on the coast of Tulum with stunning architectural design and modern infrastructure.

The complex is equipped with the latest eco-technologies, such as:

  • solar panels
  • rainwater harvesting
  • atmospheric water generators
  • construction waste management

The apartment offers incredible views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Feel the sea breeze from the comfort of your home!

Economy and comfort class houses in the residential areas of Cancun

Cheap one-story and two-story private houses are located in cozy residential complexes with a protected area. On the territory of such complexes, there is usually a swimming pool, a gym, a picnic area, and a small playground. And all this at an attractive price (low prices both for long-term rent and for the purchase).

The necessary infrastructure (shops, hypermarkets, schools, kindergartens) are within walking distance or a 5-minute drive by car.

The nearest beach is a 20-minute drive away.

These are just examples.

There is a lot of real estate for rent or purchase in Mexico.

Contact us, and we will choose the option that suits you!

We present to your attention a video in which we tried to outline the main points regarding the rental or purchase of real estate in Mexico (in particular, in the city of Cancun).

In this video you find information on:
  • where is it better to choose a house geographically
  • what to pay attention to when choosing a house
  • approximate prices for renting and buying real estate
  • what do specific apartments and houses look like in popular residential complexes of Cancun
Sergei Kostenko
Real estate in Mexico

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